lights for gift

The gift of a home improvement or lamp can brighten someone’s day, whether you enjoy doing your makeup on the new lamp on the bathroom vanity or using a new desk lamp at work. You can also give the gift of better task lighting to help keep their spaces organized and clean with an over-the-mirror bathroom fixture, a wall-mountable pendant light, or even a stylish 2-light vanity fixture. .

Or, if you know someone who is moving into a new house or apartment, you can help them set the mood in their new space with stylish banlulu lighting that reflects their unique style and taste. A wicker table lamp or bohemian-style fixture with a natural wood frame can add a touch of modern design and fashionable style that guests will love to show off.

For those who like to keep their home looking fresh, a light bulb change is a simple but thoughtful gift that will save them money on their energy bills over time. You can find a variety of LED bulbs available at your local hardware store, which are ideal for replacing incandescent or other older lights. LED bulbs are easy to install and offer significant savings on your energy bills over the life of the bulb.

You can also choose to gift a decorative LED light, which is an eco-friendly and attractive option that is sure to impress. You can find a wide variety of these gifts online, from LED string lights to decorative lamps made from recycled materials. Some of these products are battery operated, and others come with a plug that can be used to connect it to the mains.

Some of these light-up gifts can be a great option for a Secret Santa, especially if you have to shop for many people at once. For example, a programmable multicolor LED lamp with a built-in speaker can provide an entertaining light show that will get everyone talking, or you may want to purchase a personalized lamp for someone who recently moved into a new home, so it can be a special reminder. of their first housewarming party.

Another useful gift that’s sure to be appreciated by the busy traveler on your list is a smart outdoor light. With a device like the Philips Hue Appear Wall Mount Outdoor Light or the eye-catching Calla Bollard Path Light, your friend will be able to use their smartphone to control your outdoor lights, making it look like you’re home even when you’re actually away. from the city.

Or, if you’re looking for a light-up gift that reflects your personality and interests, you can’t go wrong with a bright sign or neon light that says something fun. For example, there are a number of light-up gifts that display popular phrases, such as «I Heart Portland,» or show her hometown pride in Vancouver or Lake Oswego.